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I bought the wrong mofi router

Update: I am incorrect, this router works fine:

I originally thought I didn't have wifi outputs, but after talking to 5gstore.com rep, they told me the antenna goes both ways, it handles picking up any public wifi and also broadcasts your local Wifi network. So the confusion was my part. The modem works fine.

However, I did discover the puma 221 would be just what I needed (2 wifi and 2 cellular wires). The Puma 421 has 4 cellular, and my modem only has 2 sim cards, so its overkill. I'm going to keep it anyway, as the price is only $50 difference.

It turns out I bought the wrong mofi router for use with the Puma 421 antenna.


It is missing Wifi antenna (a and b) inputs, so I will have to find something else. The point of the Puma 421 is to pull down public/free wifi signals (ie: campgrouns, rv parks etc) and send the source signal to the router which will then broadcast a local Wifi network for your devices.

The advantage here is that you will not have to keep changing wifi networks on all your devices, as the source is abstracted away with your local wifi router.